Wandering the wetlands

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As I’ve shared elsewhere, I call Abbotsford home. It truly is a beautiful and diverse city nestled in the heart of the Fraser Valley. You’ll find an urban core, acres and acres of farmland, and miles of trails. Discovery Trail meanders around Fishtrap Creek, a wonderful wetlands area in the middle of the city.

Our Mother’s Day celebrations (last Sunday) included some family time exploring the wetlands. My wife and I strolled along, with the boys scooting back and forth on their wheeled modes of transportation. We enjoyed both the scenery and the wildlife.

Wetlands habitat

The area toward the south end of Fishtrap Creek (near Gardner Park) is full of lush vegetation. Take a look. Probably not a place to go swimming, unless you’re a duck, but gorgeous nevertheless. (Click on an image to enlarge.)

fishtrap creek, green, water, habitat, discovery trail, abbotsford

fishtrap creek, water, plants, marsh, discovery trail, abbotsford

water, bird habitat, fishtrap creek, marsh, discovery trail, abbotsford

Wetlands inhabitants

Okay, seeing a Canadian goose is nothing extraordinary around here. There are so many in Abbotsford that one must tread carefully in certain parks. Having said that, seeing ducks, geese, and herons in a more natural setting is still breathtaking (especially for someone who grew up as a city boy).

I captured a few pictures of some of the wildlife. As much as the colourful ducks catch my attention, I think the last one may be my favourite. Can you guess why?

duck, mallard, fishtrap creek, log, discovery trail, abbotsford

duck, mallard, swimming, water, reflection, fishtrap creek, discovery trail, abbotsford

ducks, water, fishtrap creek, mallard, discovery trail, abbotsford

heron, fishtrap creek, bird, discovery trail, abbotsford

goslings, Canada goose, chicks, fishtrap creek, discovery trail, abbotsford

Canada goose, goslings, feather, wings, fishtrap creek, discovery trail, abbotsford

Happy Mother’s Day

Take a look at the last picture again. Happy Mother’s Day!

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    1. We’ve seen a beaver working along the Fraser River before. Please let me know when you notice one active at fish trap, okay?

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