UBC: A visual perspective

UBC, sculpture, sign, entrance, university boulevard

As mentioned in a previous post, the Regent College Pastor’s Conference allowed me some time to wander about the University of British Columbia campus. I found the many different sights and perspectives inspiring. Having wandered about one day without my camera, today I journeyed with camera in hand.

A changing perspective.

Perspective is an interesting part of photography. At times, I find myself staring an an object and wondering what it would look like from a different perspective or angle. Other times the most ordinary of things viewed in a new way provides an entirely new way of seeing things.

Which of the following pictures catch your attention? (Click on the image to open a larger version.)

UBC, bike rack, perspective

UBC, bus shelter, roof, wood, pentagram

UBC, bench, curved

UBC, sustainability, greenhouse gas


Concrete stairs, up, climb, perspective

A variety of buildings.

While walking around the campus, one can’t help but notice both the variety of buildings and the lushness of the landscaping and vegetation. As you can see in Spring colours are here, I enjoy experimenting with macro photography of nature, particularly during this time of the year. Today, however, I focused on architecture.

As you view these pictures, which one intrigues you the most? If you had to choose an architect for your dream house based solely on these pictures, which one would it be?

UBC, glass ceiling, lights, architecture

UBC, architecture, angles, roof

UBC, design, architecture, vines, perspective

UBC, glass bridge, architecture

UBC, building, outside stairs, angles, architecture

UBC, glass, reflection, architecture

UBC, glass, design, vines

UBC, stained glass, vines, architecture

A final image.

It is abundantly clear that cycling is encouraged on the UBC campus. Bike racks are everywhere. This one, in particular, caught my attention. And you thought finding parking for your vehicle was tough! I can only dream of a bike rack like this in my home city of Abbotsford.

Bike, rack, UBC, bicycle

As always, any and all feedback is welcome. Thanks for your interest.

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