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From August 12-14, I was able to attend the Abbotsford Air Show as a first-round photography contest winner, courtesy of the Abbotsford News and London Drugs. One of my strawberry picture submissions earned me a weekend photo-pit pass to enjoy the show. It was hot! It was loud! I took over 4000 pictures. I had a blast!

Each contestant was able to submit 10 pictures (in different categories). All pictures have now been posted. From now until midnight of September 16th, the People’s Choice Photo Award Contest is open. The picture with the most votes wins a prize. All voters also have a chance to win a prize.

So, since some of you have asked, here is an unashamed request for you to vote. Every person can cast 10 votes per day. So, please vote, whether 10x per day for your favourite picture, or for 10 different pictures. The link above gets you to a listing of all the submissions. If you type “Klassen” in the search box you’ll see my ten. Or, for even more convenience, click on a specific link below.

Here are my personal Top 3 for the weekend:

Here are the remainder of my “Best Air Photography” submissions:

Here are the rest of my submissions: “Best Static” and “Best Crowd” and “Best Wildcard”

PS: There are many, many great photographs. Don’t feel you can only vote for me. It was great to be able to meet other photographers.

Thanks for voting, and for your encouragement.

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