On wings of an eagle

Bald eagle flying, close-up, wings, feathers

An eagle is an amazing creature. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have ample occasions on which to view majestic bald eagles. Earlier this year, we spent a few days on the Washington State coast in Discovery Bay. We were treated to quite the aerial show by one particular bald eagle. The following pictures were taken (some by me, some by my 11 year old son) from the deck of our condo. As my son stated, “This is better than sitting inside and watching TV!”

Bald eagle flying, gliding, wingspan, feathers

Bald Eagle flying, wings, feathers

Watch out! The eagle is hungry.

The ease with which this eagle soared through the air was incredible. It also caused quite the ruckus among the many seagulls who were vainly trying to scare it away. Now, imagine yourself as its target. You look up and see the this view as the predator approaches. Yikes!

Bald eagle flying front view, wings

It’s time to soar.

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is found in Isaiah 40:31. The author writes, “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Watching this bird soar around for well over half an hour brought these words to life. I can only imagine being able to soar like this.

On our travels, we also saw many, many seagulls and even some turkeys. I think the pictures are quite good, but no offense, the eagle has them beat! I can’t think of any verses that mention seagulls. But I do enjoy a turkey dinner.

seagulls, staring, pacific northwest, close-up

Turkeys, snood

So, the next time you are out and about, remember to look up into the sky and notice the birds in flight. What birds are native to your area? What would you say is the most majestic winged creature?

And don’t forget your camera the next time you visit the ocean. But don’t only look at the sky; there are plenty of amazing things in the ocean as well. Stay tuned…

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