It’s time to begin

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Last Friday morning I received the following text from a co-worker: “How is your sabbatical going?” I laughed. My sabbatical had officially started about 2 hours earlier. I responded with a well-reasoned, deeply theological response: “Flying by!” A week into my sabbatical, I’d give the same answer. Time is flying by, but it has been a good beginning.

Intentional time.

While preparing for my sabbatical, I was given some advice. “Be intentional about your plans, including your plans for rest.” In other words, don’t assume that time off will automatically be restful. Make no plans, and a day of lounging around can quickly turn into two days, then three, and before you know it, a week. Can you relate to this reality? So, I actually planned (in advance) to take a nap on Tuesday (I’m not kidding). Mission accomplished! I’m grateful for those who know me well and have the courage to help me along the way.

One word to summarize this first week might be “driving.” I should have kept track of how many hours I’ve spent on the road. Two trips to Chilliwack for our BC MB Convention. A trip to Whistler. Three trips to Regent College (UBC) in Vancouver. I enjoy driving, and we certainly live in a gorgeous part of the world. But traffic! Oh traffic. I’m not sure how well I would handle a lengthy daily commute on a regular basis, but I’ve discovered the bonus of the HOV lane. Yes, it saves time, but sharing meaningful conversation while driving is far more valuable.

Classroom time.

I am attending the annual Regent College Pastor’s Conference this week for professional development. The topic has been equipping people for vocations in the workplace. It has been a rich time, an invigorating experience. The many insights and ideas spinning around in my mind still need to simmer a while longer before I attempt to make sense of them in writing, but stay tuned. I will share some thoughts. For now, consider the following questions to whet your appetite:

  1. Do you love your job?
  2. What role does your faith play in your job?
  3. What three professions are outlawed in scripture?

Okay, the last question isn’t as deep or profound as the first two, but it came up in discussion earlier today. How would you answer? Any ideas? Maybe I should offer a prize…

An unexpected fringe benefit of this conference has been the opportunity to wander around parts of the UBC campus during the breaks. The varied architecture, the landscaping, and the setting are inspiring. I should have brought my camera. I’ve always enjoyed walking, but I am trying to learn to take the time to observe what is around me as I walk. Seeing God’s beauty helps me worship our great Creator.

Risky time.

One last thing. I saw two people today reading a book while walking. An actual book. Not a phone or electronic device. Nope, simply walking and reading a bound set of pages. I also noticed more than one cyclist riding with a helmet strapped to their backpack or hanging from the handlebars. Which of these two activities is riskier?

My sabbatical has begun, and it’s flying by!

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2 thoughts on “It’s time to begin

  1. Re: risky time
    Considering that I’ve done both walk with a book and ride without a helmet, I am going to have to say “walk with a book.” The
    consequences of riding without a helmet are higher, but the risks of walking while reading are more likely to happen….

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